Setting Up Your Deals Page

You've created your first deal. Great work! You've taken a big step towards getting more sales with Daily Deals.

The next step for you is to design your Deals Page.

In this article, we will walk through designing this page, setting up SEO options, and selecting a collection to feature product upsells with.

1. Designing Your Deals Page

There are four major components of the Deals Page. They are:

  1. Product Box
  2. Countdown Timer Box
  3. Bonus Deals
  4. Add To Cart Popups

Together, these four components make up an incredibly powerful shopping experience that is the Deals Page. You can make changes to your Deals Page in real-time on the "Design" page within the app:

You can customize the components of the Deals Page by selecting the component from the Settings list:

In general, the only things you should need to customize would be the colors of the components, and the selected collection for your Add To Cart Popup. The option to change the labels exists mostly for those who need to translate the page from English to their store's native language.

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