How to get more visitors to your Deals Page

The Daily Deals app creates an attractive Deals Page for your Shopify store with built-in scarcity and social proof that attract more buyers and more sales. Visitors can buy directly from this page without having to go to the individual product page, so it’s easy for them to purchase. 

But in order to get the most out of the Deals Page, you need to drive targeted traffic to it. 

First and most importantly, you must understand your target customers', where they hang out online, and their interests, so you can customize your advertisements accordingly for the best results.

Ways to Get More Visitors to Your Deal's page

The following are great ways to drive customers to your Shopify Daily Deals Page:

1. Facebook/Instagram Ads

There are more than 2.5 billion and 1 billion users on Facebook and Instagram, respectively, making these markets you can’t miss out on. To be able to run Facebook and Instagram ads, first you’ll need to create a free business account and Facebook ads account here. Then you will create a Facebook Fan Page for your store and link it to your business account. Next, you can add Facebook as a Sales Channel in your Shopify store, and set up the Facebook pixel. This is a tracking code that identifies when someone comes to your store from an ad in Facebook so you can determine how effective your ads are and so you can retarget visitors who don’t purchase. Finally, you can start creating ads in the Facebook ads account you created earlier and send people who click on your link to your Deals Page. Start your budget small, $5-10 a day until you find an ad that works well, then start to scale up! 

2. Your Facebook Fan Page

You can send visitors to your Facebook Fan Page to your Deals Page, both by including a link in your About section as well as by posting regularly with the link to your deals page when you have promotions. If you are using the automatic deals creator to create new deals every day, you can also create a post letting people know that they should check regularly for your latest offers and pin the post to the top of your page so every visitor sees it when they come to your page. 

3. Instagram Profile

Apart from running Instagram ads, you can also promote your deals page in your Instagram profile. Since you can only put in one URL in your Instagram profile, you can use a site like to create several different links, such as to your homepage, your deals page and your FB page and show them all when someone clicks the link in your profile. 

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing is another effective way to get more traffic to your Shopify Daily Deals page. If you are not already collecting emails and doing email marketing, be sure to check out our post on email marketing here. Send your email list regular emails, and encourage them to check out your best deals on your deals page, then take advantage of abandoned cart and abandoned checkout automated emails to encourage those who show interest in your products but don’t complete the process to come back and finalize the purchase. 

5. YouTube Marketing 

There are two great ways to market on YouTube. If your store has a YouTube channel, of course, you can use the videos you post to direct viewers to your Shopify Daily Deals Page. You can also use paid advertising on YouTube to get in front of your customers and encourage them to check out your deals.

6. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is an effective method for driving targeted traffic to your Shopify Daily Deals page. Search engine marketing is a paid marketing strategy using Pay-Per-Click (PPC), where your advertisement will be displayed on the top of search engine results pages when people search for related terms (keywords) you bid for when setting up the marketing campaign. You can reach thousands of potential customers who are looking to buy and drive them to deals page. 

7. SMS Marketing

If you have gathered the phone numbers of interested leads or people, you can send SMS’s to them directing them to your deals page. Text messages have extremely high open rates since people always have their phones with them, so this is a great way to get their attention and get them to act. 


The above methods are surefire methods to get more targeted traffic to your Shopify Daily Deals page. You can use all of these methods combined to reach more people and get them to your high converting Daily Deals page and increase your store’s sales and revenue. 

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