How to improve your conversion rates on your Shopify store

Your conversion rate is one of the most important numbers you should know in your Shopify store.

This number tells you how many visitors who come to your store actually complete a purchase. If one hundred visitors come to your store, and one person buys, then your conversion rate is 1%. If 10 people buy, then your conversion rate is 10%. 

You can see this number by looking at the Analytics page in your Shopify store. According to, the average conversion rate for Shopify stores is 1.6%. If you can get that above 3.6%, you would be in the top 20% of Shopify stores.

So, how can you improve your conversion rate?

There are many things you can do, and you should always be experimenting and testing to optimize your conversion rate. Here are some key things you can start doing today: 

High Quality Images and Videos

If do not have high quality photo and videos that show your products in an attractive way, then your conversion rate will suffer. The images and videos you use need to convince potential buyers that your products are worth their money. If your images are poorly lit, blurry or low resolution, then visitors will not be likely to take the risk to purchase them. 

Complete Product Descriptions

Similarly, if your product descriptions are incomplete or poorly written, then you will turn off potential buyers. You want to ensure that your descriptions are accurate, error free and have the information potential buyers will want to know. For example, if you are selling clothes, then you must have a sizing chart or if you are offering a water bottle then make sure to indicate how many liters it can hold. 

Free Shipping

Free shipping is a way to entice buyers to purchase with you. No one likes to get to the checkout page and find out that shipping costs as much as the product they are buying. Buy including the cost of shipping in the cost of your products, you remove one potential obstacle from your buyer’s path since they won’t have to worry about additional costs being added at the end of the order. 

Social Proof 

Social proof is a way of building confidence in your visitors that they are not alone in trusting you. Social proof can take different forms including: celebrity endorsements; customer reviews, testimonials and photos; indicating the number of people have purchased recently; and showing how many people have viewed a particular product.

Make your Add to Cart and Buy Buttons Stand Out

Your Add to Cart and Buy buttons should be easy to see and should be completely obvious. The best way to achieve this is to create  a high color contrast between your buttons and the rest of your site. Red, yellow, and orange are colors that can stand out against most backgrounds, but if you have any doubts you can use a site like to test the level of contrast. 

Limited Time Deals

Why do people go crazy on Black Friday and other sales holidays? Because they know that if they don’t get the deal right away, it will be gone, and they will have missed out. You can create that same incentive - without the screaming and fighting crowds - by creating limited time deals and using countdown timers on your store to create that fear of missing out and encourage visitors to act immediately or risk missing out on a good deal. 

Putting it into Practice

If you start incorporating these ideas into your store, you are sure to see your conversion rate go up. You can use the Daily Deals app to easily create limited time deals and add social proof to your deals, as well as modify the colors of your deal buttons. Click here to learn how!

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