How Do I Create Automated Deal Every Day?

The Goal of the Automated Deal: 

1. Generate different deals.

2. Deals will be updated every day. 

Steps of setting it up: 

1. Go to the Automatic Deals. 

2. Choose a deal type and the amount of the deal. Each product used for this automated deal will have the same discount selected.

3. Select the number of products to put on sale. 


a. Choose the products that you don't want to be included in the deal. 

You can also set up more filters instead of the select each product on the Advanced section (in the next article).

b. Select Browse.

c. Select products and click on "Add" button.

d. Show excluded products.

e. The products can be removed from by clicking on the "X".

5. Click on "disable" only if you don't want to use Automatic Deals function. 

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