How Do I Create Automated Deals with Conditions?

The goal of creating automated deal with conditions: 

1. Generate deals automatically

2. Generate deals every day.

3. Generate deals with conditions


1. Go to "Automatic Deals"

2. Click on Inventory Count to select a filter. 

3. Set up the condition so that the products which match the condition will be in the deal pool. 

4. Add new filter by clicking on "Add new filter" to limit the conditions. 

5. Click on the delete icon if you no longer need the filter. 

6. The Automatic Deals are enabled by default. 

Warning: Only click on "Disable" button if you don't want use automatic deals function. 

7. The Miscellaneous is saved from the basic settings. You can skip it or change it.

8. Click on "Save Settings" button and you are good to go!

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