How to Show Today's Deals?

This article is to explain how to display today's deals as collection on the top bar as the image below. 

The main idea is: 

a) When you download the app, the "Daily Deals" collection is added to your collection automatically. 

b) Add "Daily Deals" collection to your main menu like how you add any other collection to your main menu. 

The steps are: 

1. Add some deals to a day. (See "How to create deals in another article")

2. Go to "Main Menu"

a) Go to "Shopify Admin" page

b) Click on the "Online Store"

c) Click on the "Navigation".

d) Inside of the Navigation page, you can see all of your navigation titles. To add the Daily Deals collection on the main page, click on the "Main Menu".

3. Inside of the "Main Menu", you can see the menu items that you previous added.

Like how you add new items before, click on "Add menu item"

4. Create a collection.

a) Input the name of the collection. It can be "Today's Deals" or "Daily Deals" or anything you name it. 

b) In the "Link", select the "Collections".

5. Select the "Daily Deals", the Daily Deals collection is being added automatically when you downloaded the app. 

6. Click on "Add" to add the collection. 

7. You can see the Today's Deals is listed in the Menu items. Click on "Save menu".

8. Go to your website's homepage and you can see the new collection that you just created. 

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